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A 2016 UHD TV had a model number like UN55KU6300, and a 2017 model was UN49M5300AFXZA. The chart below provides more details on the Non-QLED, 2017+ Samsung HD, UHD, 4K, and 8K model codes History of changes in Samsung TV model numbers. 2002-2007 - designation of Samsung TV model number by the principle of division into type, flat TFT, plasma, kinescope. 2008 - introduction of a new type of designation of TV model number. The TV model number has information about the year of development, type of digital tuners, design Let's take the Samsung UE55KS9000 as an example and break the model number down into its component pieces to decipher what it means. The first part, UE indicates that it's a LED model ( U ) and it's a European model ( E ), Samsung only sells LED models in the UK at present, so every model will have this UE prefix Samsung TV model numbers use codes to describe the TVs. Once familiar with the codes you can learn a lot about a particular TV just from glancing at its model code. Using model UE55F8000AFXZ as an example we can see that: U = LED. E = Produced for Europe. 55 = Screen size (in inches) F = Manufactured in 2013. 8000 = Series

For older models, you will find the model code and serial number at the back of the TV. For much newer Smart TV, you can get the model and serial number by going to Menu -> Support -> Contact Samsung You will find the following information What do samsung monitor model numbers mean explained. So let's explain what the Samsung monitor model number means. The first letter indicates the type of monitor L - LED backlight. The second letter in the model number is the type of monitor, Samsung divides monitors into the following types

An H indicates a 2020 TV (with the exception of the A9S Master Series OLED TV, also a 2020 model), while an F indicates a 2018 TV. TCL Example: TCL 65R625 , the 65-inch model in TCL's 2019 6. Old Samsung TV Model Numbers explained. To explain how the model numbers of old Samsung TVs prior to 2008 were numbered, let us take an example of an older actual Samsung TV model number LN-T4681FX/XAA and explain what the alphabets and numbers in this old Samsung TV actually stand for For example, your TV's serial number will be different from every other television Samsung has made. Serial numbers make it easier for the makers to organize and keep track of their products. At the opposite, a model code is not unique and it's used by Samsung to describe the TV. It tells where the device was produced, what year, etc

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I have a Samsung TV, Model LN46A750R1FXZA

Explore TV models ranging 8K & 4K QLED, The Frame, 4K UHD and more with curved & flat screens. Find the ultimate voice-enabled Samsung Smart TV for you Samsung refrigerator models which means explained The model number of the Samsung fridge is not just a number, the model number contains information that will help the buyer make a choice. For example, by the model number you can find out the type of refrigerator, in which year the refrigerator model was developed, for which country the refrigerator was manufactured On qualifying 2019 Samsung Smart TVs, the model number can be checked by holding the Play/Pause button on the TV remote for more than seven (7) seconds. An About This TV screen will pop up, and the model number - called Model Code - will be shown under the Product Information section Explain what the Sony Bravia TV model number means. 65 - at the beginning of the notation as usual the size of the TV screen in inches, although in the title of the series the size of the screen is missed.; S, R, X, W, A, Z - letters denoting the class of the TV, originally there were 3 classes of TV sets, but then they were put into a separate line of 3D TVs and OLED TVs, now there are 5. I have also now updated the article with details of how you tell the difference between 2018 and 2019 Q900R models in the US.] Samsung has released the details of its 2019 TV range - and as.

What do Samsung TV model numbers actually mean? Why are

For those of us (primarily me), who have to search for this every time: ** C&P from Samsung's Site ** LCD TV: What Do Samsung's TV Model Numbers Mean? Looking at a Samsung model number may be confusing at first but once you understand how it is broken up reading them becomes a breeze. For Example: UN55F8000AFXZA When we break the model number down we will learn about what it is identifying: U. What HDTV model numbers mean. There are not-so-hidden meanings in TV model numbers. Geoffrey Morrison helps you decode them, brand by brand

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  1. From their model number, we can easily guess that Samsung TU8200 and TU8000 are introduced as two closely related TV models. They are both introduced by Samsung as part of their 2020 TV lineup. Samsung TU8200 comes with 5 screen size options : 75-Inch (UN75TU8200FXZA), 65-Inch (UN65TU8200FXZA), 55-Inch (UN55TU8200FXZA), 50-Inc
  2. Sony TV model numbers explained. It's easier to explain with an example, so we've chosen to dissect the KD-55XD9305 which is Sony's hero model for 2016
  3. Samsung QLED TV: A complete guide to Samsung's 2020 TVs. Samsung TV 2020: Samsung sees 2020 as the year 8K makes its grand entrance, but it hasn't forgotten about its 4K QLEDs either
  4. Samsung 7 Series Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Samsung 7 Series User Manua
  5. Older LG TV Model Numbers. To decipher the older LG TV Model Numbers the following will be of help. Examples of older LG Model Numbers are: 50PZ850, 42LV5500, 42LW6500, 47LE4600, 22LV2130. The first 2 Numbers of these earlier LG TV model numbers stands for the diagonal size of the TV screen
  6. Model Class: GT; Model Family: I; Model Number: 910x; Variant Code: 3; This would be an unbranded device (GT) in the I series. The 910x family are Samsung Galaxy S II Series devices, with this specific one being the Galaxy R Radio/Model Class G Prefix G prefixed models are Samsung specific designs that have not been modified/customized to a.
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